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Who is Credo?

Hi, my name is Credo Bizimana and I'm a young entrepreneur from Dayton, OH. I am 22 years old and have a passion for fitness and business. I went to Chaminade Julienne High School  and graduated class of 2013. Currently, I am enrolled at Sinclair Community College as an Exercise Science major. I have been in the fitness industry of 3 years and have been in sales since I was 18. 


I originally started The Biz Fit to document my fitness progess and to build a brand. Through The Biz Fit, I was able to see that people have an interest in fitness but usually lack the knowledge. I decided to make it my mission to help as many people as I can in their fitness endeavors. After seeing the positive feedback from those I helped, It lit a fire under me to do more. 


On the afternoon of July 6th, 2017 I decided to start a non profit. The Biz Fit Foundation is my way of doing more. I decided that we need to teach our youth about fitness and health at a young age so they can grow with this as a baseline. I believe that adults my age are the last generation that actually played outside as opposed to being on video games and screens all day long. This is a culture that we need to change. Our youth have a growing overweight and obesity problem that will only get worse if we do not help. Through the many parents and relatives I have been blessed to meet, I can tell that this is an issue that we all care about.


Our youth also need mentorship! I believe in instilling our youth with ambission and self worth at a young age so they can carry this attitude throughout their lives. I have been fortunate enough to have rolemodels in my life that have taught me to always expect more from myself, dream big, and be goal oriented. Through The Biz Fit Foundation, I want to teach our kids to harness these principles and leverage them as they grow to become young adults and future professionals. 


I have faith in our youth and see a bright future for them. In fact, they are the future!



Your donation, no matter the amount, help continue our mission. Thank you!

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