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TheBizFit 4 Kidz Camp (Camp 3)

The Biz Fit 4 Kidz Camp held its 3rd camp yesterday! As you can see the crowd was not as big as we planned for but we still made it happen! It was important that we showed our 3 participants that you can always make the best of a situation! We still went through the camp and still had fun! Thank you to the parents, participants and the team. MANY MORE CAMPS TO COME!

The BizFit 4 Kidz Camp (Camp 2)

Camp 2 was a huge success! Thank you to The Dayton SMART Bilungual Academy for donating their gym. Also, special thanks to The Seeds of Piece Program for partnering and bringing their wonderful kids! MORE CAMPS TO COME!

TheBizFit 4 Kidz Camp (Camp 1)

Everybody meet Max, Mackenzie, Maggie, Morgyn, Peyton, Alex, Bella, Bryan, Trevor, Xavier, Callaghan, Jack, Elizabeth, Maggie S, and Andrew! These are the first BizKidz! They worked hard and played even harder! Thanks to my team Jamel Sanders and Antezz “AJ” Flucas for helping out! Most importantly thanks for the support from everyone who came and those who helped spread the word! Many more FREE camps to come! Stick with me! 

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TheBizFit 4 Kidz Camp

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