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The Biz Fit, LLC and The Biz Fit Foundation are coming together create The Biz Fit 4 School! This is a fun and innovative after school program centered around fitness and mentorship! 


We conduct interactive fitness camps that instill drive, self love, and hard work. We also include mentorship for these young kids. We want to show them that they can impower themselves at a young age and set the tone for the rest of their lives. We conduct this through group talks, guest speakers, and fun activities to engage our youth. 


We believe that we have an unique perspective and can connect with the youth on a different level that other programs cannot offer.

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Who Are We Working With?

Lousie Troy Elementary 

Louise Troy Elementary is a local Dayton Public School located at 1630 Miami Chapel Rd. Dayton, OH 45417. We had the oppertunity to volunteer at the school for several weeks to get to know the students and it was a beautiful experience. These kids are bright, smart, and have boundless potential. The staff members were very welcoming and you can tell that they are very invested in the success of their beloved students. This was an amazing experience and we have forged a partnership to continue our partnership as the school year progresses. Check it out!

Look at all the little Tigers!

Assistant Directors Vonne Byrd and Miles Clark getting them organized.

"How high can you jump!?"

Your donation, no matter the amount, help continue our mission. Thank you!

TheBizFit 4 Kidz Camp

Want your kid to be a BizKid? head over to our contact page and RSVP for our next event!

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